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Children's Books

Super Sassy Spectacles - $12
by Katie Florczyk
illustrated by Emily Cardot
ISBN 978-0-990992-15-8
40 pages (8" X 10”) paperback © 2015

Anna doesn't just wear glasses, Anna wears Super Sassy Spectacles. She never goes anywhere without them and they help her have adventures all day long. From painting masterpieces to fighting dragons, follow Anna as she turns her ordinary activities into EXTRAORDINARY activities with the help of her Super Sassy Spectacles!

Am I Like My Daddy? - out of print
by Marcy Blesy
illustrated by Amy Kuhl Cox
ISBN 978-0-9819591-3-9 • 40 pages (6" X 8”) paperback © 2012

Am I Like My Daddy? is an important book in the children's grief genre. Many books in this genre deal with the time immediately after a loved one dies. This book focuses on years after the death, when a maturing child is reprocessing his or her grief. New questions arise in the child's need to fill in those memory gaps. Grace is a little girl who wonders if she is anything like her daddy. She uses the process of journaling to discover more about her deceased father.

Monsters Don't Read - $12
by Heather Champion
illustrations & design by Chris Knudson
ISBN 978-0-9819591-1-5 • 40 pages (6" X 8”) paperback © 2010

In Monsters Don't Read the main character, Monster, resists learning to read with the rest of his class because, “Monsters don't read, we don't know how. I will not read, not later, not now.” He will not learn his ABC's, he will not spell C-A-T. But as the rest of his class enjoys the world of books, Monster begins to feel left out.

OOPS! Did I Say That - out of print
ISBN 978-0-9819591-0-8 • flipbook • © 2009
32 pages (6"X6")

OOPS! Did I Say That is a guide to positive support for cancer patients. It is a picture book intended for all ages. Parents, family, friends, and visitors of cancer patients always struggle with what to say to be supportive or encouraging. This book helps all visitors and caregivers to be sensitive to the emotional and psychological challenges. Inspired by her own experience with cancer at the age of 14, Sarah K. Johnson created this book in the hopes of helping the caregivers to relay their genuine concern for a patient.

Ants in the Band Room - $18 (includes audiobook CD)
written and illustrated by Laura Podeschi
ISBN 978-097874413 • paperback & audio CD • © 2006
32 pages (9.75" X 6.75") • $18.00 plus $2.50 postage

Ants in the Band Room is the story of a troop of ants who explore various musical instruments in search of a suitable home. Both parents and music educators alike have found Ants in the Band Room educational and inspirational for youngsters, motivating them to ask questions about music and musical instruments, while showing that everyone can find a place where they belong.

Trade Paperback Books

Flatland - $25
by Teague von Bohlen & Britten Leigh Traughber
ISBN 9-780-990992110 • paperback • © 2019
68 pages (10” X 8”) • $25.00 plus $3.00 postage

The fabric of this small-town society is changing, and quickly. For better or for worse, there’s loss in it. Much like growing up, there are some things to which you cannot return. All the more reason then to capture the beauty, the strangeness, and the emotion of the Flatlands now, before it all weathers and falls, just like the barns along its pitted roads. ~ from the Preface

Lessons from the Toilet School: A Family-Centered Approach to Toilet Training - $16
by Ann Coleman Stadtler, DNP, RN, CPNP and Claudia Quigg, ME

ISBN 978-0-9909921-9-6
paperback © 2017 • 168 pages (6" X 9”)

$16.00 plus $2.50 postage
Illinois residents add 9% sales tax ($1.44 per book)

Lessons from Toilet School: a Family Centered Approach to Toilet Training. Whi provides support to families seeking to better understand the developmental processes of toilet training. Each family's experience is unique and each child's experience is unique.

Let's Talk Kids: Celebrating Your Family!- $16
by Claudia Quigg

ISBN 978-0-990992-12-7
paperback © 2015 • 256 pages (6" X 9”)
$16.00 plus $2.50 postage
Illinois residents add 9% sales tax ($1.44 per book)

Celebrating Your Family, the final installment in the Let's Talk Kids series, celebrates the variety of ways to cherish time with your family, both kith and kin. After focusing on the building of a family in her last two books, Let's Talk Kids: Celebrating Your Family encourages parents to take a step back and enjoy the family they have lovingly built. The chapters within are beneficial to anyone with children in their lives. Claudia highlights the wonderful, indispensable connections between family and community.

Let's Talk Kids: Facing Family Challenges - $16
by Claudia Quigg
ISBN 978-0-9819591-8-4
paperback © 2014 • 248 pages (6" X 9”)
$16.00 plus $2.50 postage
Illinois residents add 9% sales tax ($1.44 per book)

The second book in the Let's Talk Kids series, Facing Family Challenges, brings up family challenges from toddlerhood to seeing children off as young adults. Quigg's light-hearted writing style tackles these difficulties in a way that reassures parents and empowers them to value their own innate knowledge about their own children. Let's Talk Kids: Facing Family Challenges is not an advice book, but rather a collection of stories that prompt reflection and invite parents to thoughtfully consider their own approach.

Millikin's Premier Writers 2013
by Millikin University First Year Writing Students
: Amanda Lee, Morgan Oliver, Tyler Ross, Brock Hayden, and Katie Hobbs. Edited by Brittany Mytnik, Sophia Maria Andricopulos, Caitlin Husted, Morgan Ewald, and Kara Anderson. Book design by Brooke Paddock.Faculty editor, Dr. Carmella Braniger.

ISBN 978-0-9819591-9-1
paperback © 2014 • 80 pages (6" X 9”)
out of print

This anthology of first-year student essays is the beginning of a Millikin University tradition. Consisting of the five winning essays of the 2013 Millikin's Premier Writers Contest, these interdisciplinary writing samples “represent the very best research-driven critical inquiries of the 2012-2013 incoming class,” says Dr. Carmella Braniger, Millikin associate professor of English and director of First-Year Writing.

Let's Talk Kids: Becoming a Family - $16
by Claudia Quigg
ISBN 978-0-9819591-6-0
paperback © 2013 • 178 pages (6" X 9”)
$16.00 plus $2.50 postage
Illinois residents add 9% sales tax ($1.44 per book)

In Let’s Talk Kids: Becoming a Family Claudia Quigg invites parents, expectant and otherwise, to share with her the experiences of bringing up children in our families.
By compiling well-loved articles from her weekly news column "Let's Talk Kids," Quigg hopes to inspire parents to reflect and find their own best answers about how to raise their own unique children. Let's Talk Kids: Becoming a Family is not an advice book, but rather a collection of stories that prompt reflection and invite parents to thoughtfully consider their own approach to bringing up their little ones.

Millikin University Haiku Anthology - $25 
Edited by Dr. Brooks, Emily Evans, Rick Bearce & Melanie McLay
ISBN 978-0-9787441-6-8 • paperback • © 2008
192 pages (5.5” X 8.5”) • $25.00 plus $2.50 postage

The art of reading and writing haiku has been taught at Millikin University for over a decade, resulting in student publications in various literary journals. Their haiku are fresh, contemporary, and based on the feelings, insights and daily experiences of being a college student. This anthology includes 264 of the best haiku written by Millikin students and alumni. Each has been carefully selected to represent this haiku community, and to share the wonderful gift of haiku.

Art Exhibition Books

Everyday Modern: The Industrial Design of Alfonso Iannelli - $45
by David Jameson (Author), Eric M. O'Malley (Designer, Illustrator), Lauren Taylor (Editor)

ISBN 978-0990992134 5
paperback © 2015 • 172 pages (9.25” X 11”).
$45.00 plus $3.00 postage
Illinois residents add 9% sales tax ($4.05 per book)

Alfonso Iannelli was like an Italian Renaissance artist marooned in the twentieth century. Instead of creating altarpieces and carving saints, he put his creative energies in the 1930s 1950s into the design of electric knife sharpeners, coffee makers and drink mixers. With new research and over 200 photographs, drawings and plans, EVERYDAY MODERN: THE INDUSTRIAL DESIGN OF ALFONSO IANNELLI tells the stories of those objects.

Ray George: Life of a Master Printmaker - $40
by Edwin G. Walker
ISBN 978-0978744199 • paperback • © 2008
76 pages (8.5” X 12”) • $40.00 plus $2.50 postage

MillikinUniversity and Bronze Man Books are honored to present this catalogue and accompanying exhibition as a tribute to the artist-educator Ray George (1933-2005). It is our hope that this very important project will become a valuable resource for additional scholarship on the life and work of the incredibly versatile and talented artist, Ray George

Robert Marshall Root: Something More Than Praise - $30
by Edwin G. Walker
ISBN 978-0-9787441-1-3 • paperback • © 2006
68 pages (8.5” X 11”) • $30.00 plus $2.50 postage

In the Spring of 2006, Millikin University organized the largest retrospective exhibition of art by the talented, yet lesser-known, regional artist from Shelbyville, Illinois, Robert Marshall Root (1863-1937). The exhibition and text were formulated to provide a broader perspective of his talent, while revealing his sense of intellectual honesty, his non-conforming belief system and his valiant quest to rise above mediocrity in his artistic expression. Based on new research, Professor Walker includes a bold proclamation in the text that Root was indeed and American Tonalist, unrecognized by the art establishment.

Eugene Carriere: Shadow and Substance - $45
by Dr. Shelley Cordulack
Edited & designed with a preface by Ed Walker
ISBN 978-0978744120 • clothbound • © 2006
88 pages (8" X 10") • $45.00 plus $2.50 postage

Eugene Carriere: Shadow and Substance is the exhibition catalogue from the Dr. Nick Vlachos art collection, which featured over 50 paintings by the French Symobolist painter (1849-1906). The exhibition and catalog were a collaborative effort between the Millikin University Art Department and the Decatur Area Arts Council. The book features an introduction by Dr. Shelley Cordulack, including the themes of the human condition as Carriere may have seen them.

Frederick Oakes Sylvester - $20
by Edwin G. Walker
ISBN 978-0-9787441-0-6 • paperback • © 2004
26 pages (8.5” X 11”) • $20.00 plus $2.50 postage

Living in a world of beauty and lifting the receptive to a better comprehension of its treasures was the life work of Frederick Oakes Sylvester (1869-1915). This exhibition catalog represents premium examples of the art he created throughout his life. The pieces for the catalog and exhibit were loaned to Millikin University for the 2004 Moore Lecture Series by three members of the Morrissey family.

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