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Bronze Man Books publishes one to two chapbooks per year of various genres (poetry, prose, drama, etc.). Content is selected, workshopped, and edited by the company. We aim to publish work that is polished and well written. The books are typically bound by the company using various sewing methods to create a unique and professional product. We look for submitted chapbook collections that are already completed or near completion. Chapbooks are normally between (but not limited to) 24-48 pages. Projects that we pursue often involve a collaboration between authors and illustrators. Illustrators can either be commissioned by the company or the author. With your work, please include a cover page explaining why we should publish this chapbook, the connecting theme of the poetry (if applicable), as well as telling a bit about yourself.

Poetry - Must have a theme or notion connecting the pieces. 18-30 poems.
Fiction - May be collection of short short stories or one or two longer stories. 32-72 pages.


Peace, Love & Posters: Vintage Rock Music Memorabilia
by Ed Walker, Sydney Doherty & Francisco Gamma
ISBN 978-0-9909921-8-9 saddlestiched © 2016 24 pages (5" X 8.25”)
- out of print

Skull Kids: Poetry to Read Alone in the Woods
by Dylan Sanders. (Decatur, IL.): Bronze Man Books, 2018, 50 pages, 6.5 x 9, perfectbound. ISBN 978-09-9099-2172. Second Updated Edition 2018 designed by Dayne Sanders and edited by Rory Arnold. $15.00 plus $3.00 postage.

The Dust We Cherish (poetry) - out of print
by Amanda L. Hamilto, edited by Brittany Mytnik, designed by Drew Scholl, with photgraphy by Xin (Water) Zhao
ISBN 978-0-9909921-0-3
hand-sewn saddlestiched © 2015 • 44 pages (6.5" X 8”)
- out of print

Pantheon (poetry) - $12
by Bryson David Hoff, edited by Emma R. Wilson, graphic design by Drew Scholl, illustrated by Mehalet KesateBirhan
ISBN 978-0-9819591-5-3 • hand-sewn saddle-stitch binding • © 2014
52 pages (5" X 11”)
- out of print

Bronze Man Books is pleased to publish Pantheon by Bryson David Hoff. These are poems about real people with lives garbed in excitement, lust, and behind it all, emptiness. In this world, no one hurls thunderbolts from the clouds or pulls the sun across the sky in a mighty chariot. In the world, kings are angry children with daddy issues while givers of light are only second best with nothing but a harp to show for it. Yet these luminous being are in this earthly realm. Somehow, there is nowhere else they would rather be.
~ Jackson Lewi

Map to the Multiverse (poetry) - $12
by Emma R. Wilson
graphic design by Charlie Huth and Kt Krekel, illustrattions by Jess Black
ISBN 978-0-9819591-7-7 • hand-sewn saddle-stitch binding • © 2013
52 pages, 5x6.5 • $12.00 and $2.50 postage
- out of print

Bronze Man Books is pleased to publish Map to the Multiverse by Emma R. Wilson. This collection of poery is a hand-sewn chapbook featuring works that celebrate the movement and creativity of the imagination. "You sense in reading Emma R. Wilson's poems that almost anything can happen in them and be completely believable. They introduce a new kind of space-age, pop-culture carnivalesque." ~Stpehen Frech, introduction.

Winter Hearts (tanka poetry) - $12
by Jackson Lewis
graphic design by Chelsea Arnold, edited by Taylor Chaney, illustrattions by Monica Smith
ISBN 978-0-9819591-4-6 • hand-sewn saddle-stitch binding • © 2012
40 pages, 4x6
- out of print

Bronze Man Books is pleased to publish Winter Hearts by Jackson Lewis. This collection of tanka is a hand-sewn chapbook featuring tanka written and published during the author's first three years at Millikin University. "The collection of tanka is rich, contemplative, full of powerful imagery and haunting, unspoken questions. It is an exciting reminder of the ways in which a tradition hailing from Japan's earliest poetic roots can live on through the pens and lives of some of today's most skillful writers."~ Joseph Bein, introduction.

tea's aftertaste (haiku poetry) - $12
by Aubrie Cox
graphic design and illustrattions by Katie Baird
ISBN 978-0-9819591-2-2 • hand-sewn Japanese binding • © 2011
48 pages, 5.5 x 5.5 • out of print

Bronze Man Books is pleased to publish tea's aaftertaste by Aubrie Cox. This collection of haiku and senryu is a hand-sewn chapbook featuring 40 poems written and published during the author's four years at Millikin University. Dr. Randy Brooks, Profesor of English, writes:"In this collection of haiku, tea's aftertaste, Aubrie Cox gathers the best of her work that has been published in peer-reviewed journals and anthologies. Aubrie's haiku are not in a hurry. Her haiku take time to breathe and to fully contemplate the things being observed or remembered. Her haiku understand that they come from the human heart. Her haiku are authentic. She knows how to wear a narrative mask and how to take it off. Her haiku are not afraid of the dark, nor the spiritual depths of churchyard shadows. "

Moon's Edge (tanka poetry) - $12
by Natalie Perfetti
graphic design by Sarah Wika & Katie Baird with original drawings by Laramie Hutchens
ISBN 978-0978744106 • hand-sewn Japanese binding • © 2010
38 pages (6" X 9”) • $12.00 plus $2.50 postage

This collection of short Japanese verse is a hand-sewn tanka chapbook that resonates with the confessional works of Anne Sexton, and the voice of the modern Japanese poet, Akiko Yosano. The author drew inspiration from themes such as love, sexuality, and womanhood throughout her life. Natalie Perfetti grew up in Lowell, Indiana, before studying literature and writing at Millikin University. She graduated with honors in spring 2009 and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in literature at Florida State University. Her tanka have appeared in a number of magazines, including Tanka Society of America's official journa,l Ribbons.

The 38-page chapbook sells for $12. It includes original art by Laramie Hutchens, a Millikin art student. Special edition copies of the chapbook include an original print by Lauramie are available for $40 plus $2.50 postage.

Simple Universal (poetry & fiction) - $10
by Jeff Allen
ISBN 978-0978744182 • saddle-stitch • © 2008
32 pages (5.5"”X 9”) • out of print
- out of print

Jeff Allen's expressive collection is a compilation of poetry and fiction that is uniquely attributable to Jeff's own personal voice. Exploring themes such as escapism and the fleeting nature of life, Jeff's book is a wonderful debut piece for a young artist and the third in Bronze Man Books' chapbook series. Every copy of Simple Universal features a protective removeable cover featuring high quality letter press. In addition, Special Edition copies are available with original color prints by artist Lauren Wika.

Mathematics of Fire (poetry) - $10
by Josh Wild
ISBN 978-0-9787441-4-4 • hand-sewn chapbook • © 2007
36 pages (5.5"”X 8”)
- out of print

Mathematics of Fire is a collection of 16 poems focusing on the struggle of 21st century Midwestern life. It blends the traditional with the contemporary, as well as religion, politics, and the social climate of Middle America.
Illustrated and designed by Carrie Seymour.


Commas & Ampersands (short dramas) - $10
by Steve Moore
ISBN 978-0978744151 • saddle-stitch • © 2007
22 pages (4.5" X 11")
- out of print

Commas & Ampersands is a collection of original short drama written by Stephen Moore. While postmodern and seemingly solemn in nature, the pieces also include elements of playfulness and whimsy, captured in a way that only Moore can. In the preface, Steve discusses his methods towards developing these and other plays written over a period of time. After hearing about Suzan-Lori Parks's 365 Days/365 Plays, he decided to embark on a similar project—write and produce a finished project a day. Although this lofty goal quickly fell by the wayside, Steve still managed to produce a total of 63 plays over a relatively short period, each of them revealing something about himself and his writing.

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