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Bronze Man Books Mission

Bronze Man Books is a student owned and operated press located in Decatur, Illinois. We are committed to publishing books that integrate high-quality design and meaningful content.

Company History

A student-owned and operated press located on Millikin University's campus in Decatur, Ill., Bronze Man Books is dedicated to integrating quality design and meaningful content. The company exposes undergraduate students to the process of publishing by combining the theory of writing, publishing, editing and designing with the practice of running a book publishing company. This emphasis on performance learning is a hallmark of Millikin's brand of education.

photoBronze Man Books originated from the Art of Publishing course created by publishing connoisseurs Dr. Randy Brooks, dean of Millikin's College of Arts & Sciences, and Dr. Edwin Walker, Associate Professor of Art, in spring 2006.

Within the first semester, Bronze Man Books was established as an official press in name, mission and legality. Its first publication was "Ants in the Band Room," a children's book written by Millikin alumna Laura Podeschi. Since then, Bronze Man Books has published a number of books on poetry, art, plays and more. Still staffed by students enrolled in the Art of Publishing course, the business continues to seek out and explore new publication venues.

Each semester, senior members of the company and faculty advisors interview interested students. Those who enter the class understand the dedication and professionalism required to maintain integrity of the business. Students have the option of working on the design, editorial or marketing team. Like any small business, the Bronze Man Books staff maintains a high level of correspondence and assistance to ensure stability and high spirits among the teams and company.

Art of Publishing Course

photoFaculty Advisors Dr. Randy Brooks and Dr. Ed Walker established a course, The Art of Publishing. The goal of the course was to capitalize on the strong relationship between the English and Art departments programs, combining faculty resources and student ambition, in order to create a sustainable student-operated publishing company. The two professors, who possessed several decades of publishing experience, hoped to gather interested students into a course where innovation, creativity, teamwork, and communication were of equal necessity.

First cross-listed between the English and Art departments in the Spring semester 2006, The Art of Publishing took off from the very beginning. The founding students established Bronze Man Books as an official business during this first semester: creating a mission statement, establishing a legal status, inventing a flexible corporate infrastructure, and planning for an inaugural project.

Bronze Man Books is comprised of three teams: Editorial, Production, and Marketing. Each team consists of four-to-six individuals whose personal skills and collective abilities qualify them for their position. The leader of each team holds a seat on the Managerial Board, who oversee the general direction and performance of the company.

Bronze Man Books upholds a high standard of professionalism and quality. Interviews for acceptance into the course are held biannually for the upcoming semesters; students entering the program understand the privilege and level of commitment that is expected of them. With more and more students from all areas of the university contributing to our Editorial, Production, Marketing staffs, the press draws from several varying areas of study in order to bring to life the chapbooks, children’s books, poetry collections, photo histories, and all the quality products of Bronze Man Books.

On May 22, 2011, the fifth year anniversary of Bronze Man Books was noted in a feature story in the Herald & Review newspaper in Decatur, Illinois.Download the PDF version.

On August 22, 2017 Dr. Stephen Frech, Professor of English, became one of the faculty advisors for the Art of Publishing and Bronze Man Books. Dr. Brooks continued to serve as webmaster and publisher for business operations.

Tax-deductible Donations

Bronze Man Books is a student run company, under Millikin University faculty guidance. Your donation is a donation to Millikin University with the designation that it be used to help support the Bronze Man Books company and related Art of Publishing class. To make a donation online by credit card through Paypal, please click the donate link on our donations page.


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